Chico “Little Bear Paws” Dulak


“The earth is a very, very loudly announced being. How can you say all of our sources and resources come from something that isn’t living? It is a living being-Mother Earth. And of course, these things that she provides are food. Food comes from our mother when she cradles us up close to her breast. The earth is the same way. The earth, a living being, provides our food and also contains a very powerful spirit. The trees, the grass, all of these spirits are a feeling, so to speak, of the mother earth. She says, ‘How many ways can I love you?’ The trees give us oxygen and between the bark and the tree there is medicine, headache stuff* and child birth control medicine in there. And she is constantly saying every day, ‘How much more can I give you? I want to give you more.’ But we have taken so much now, she may have to hold back some of her gifts and milk until we straighten up. We are not the living child we once were. We have become a vindictive little brat, taking and taking. Everything we take is one less of that. So put something back.”

Chico “Little Bear Paws”, Athabascan/Lakota




*Editor’s note: aspirin comes from the bark of the willow tree