Winner of Regional Designation Award in the Humanities
Cultural Olympiad, Atlanta

Components of the Exhibit

60 photographs, 30 photographic images of Native American people framed and ready to hang. Portraits are of people in traditional regalia and everyday clothing photographed outside in natural light on a portrait backdrop made especially for this exhibit. Images include both 30″ X 36″ color fine art giclee photographic prints and 18″ X 22″ black and white photographs. One life-size, Ahnawhake Clinch, 5′ X 2′.

30 text panels, 13 1/2″ X 19″, framed and ready to hang. In depth interviews with subjects discussing regalia, location, activity etc. All include relevant quotes from either the subjects themselves, or an elder from their tribe. Each panel contains an inset photograph of everyday native life. The signage is designed by national award winning graphic designer Pamela Trow-Johnson.  Sample text panels available on this page and by clicking here.

A life-size holographic style video mask display of Cherokee-Lakota elder Amy Walker speaking about her traditions and culture. The 12 minute video loop gives the viewer insight into Native culture and prophesy, aspects of their history, and their intimately held hopes and concerns for the future.

Contemporary and traditional Native American music playing in a provided compact 7 CD player. All music CD’s are available for museum gift shop sale.

Three photographic canvas banners of Native American faces, approximately 2′ X 3′ each. Designed to hang from the ceiling or wall space as a celebratory announcement.

Museum/Gallery Opening talk by the photographer. Tracey Schmidt will be present to discuss her work documenting and working with native people. American tour only. Available for select European tour dates.

Native American educators, elders, and storytellers available to those museums seeking a more intensive exploration of native culture. Please contact us for rate information and descriptions.

Text Panels in Exhibit

click to view panel and read interview

Banjo Davenport

“My grandmother was born in a cave in Granger County, Tennessee. During the Civil War…

Diamond Brown

“The painting of our faces for dancing is a tradition. A lot of people think this is war paint, or…

Amy Walker

“Community depends on one’s sense of well being and having a sense of…

Ron Atine

“This image was taken on the Cherokee reservation in North Carolina. His regalia is…

Little Bear Paw Dulak

“I was just reading how the white buffalo calf woman has been seen many times since…