"There is a haunting Sufi stringency in the poetry of Tracey Schmidt. She begins in a place with enough courage/to drop her idea/of the way it/should be, and proceeds to do what the bravest poets do, meet the gaze of the wild spirits looking in her window, welcoming her own transformation, and truthfully offering it back up and out to the wide world. These poems somehow manage to be deeply human and otherworldly all at once. Their discoveries and inspirations can take one's breath away. I felt myself rising up as I read, saying yes to the poet's proclaimed intention to carry forward the great work of bringing love into the world. I can't think of a more important or more noble task for a poet in this age."

Robert McDowell
Institute of Noetic Sciences
Author: Poetry as Spiritual Practice

"Tracey Schmidt speaks like a king in a language we can all understand."

NC Center for the Advancement of Teaching


Tracey Schmidt


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Tracey Schmidt


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