The Awakening of Turtle Island: Portraits of Native Americans, along with the Gwinnett Fine Arts Center, was awarded the Regional Designation Award in the Humanities by the Cultural Olympiad, 1996

"The unique thing about Tracey Schmidt's exhibit is that it is not only a fine art exhibit, but an educational one as well. This is a very unusual combination, and one that museums and cultual centers should take advantage of."
      Lucinda Bunnen, The Lubo Foundation

"Tracey's work is very important because it is so hard to find people who are showing the spiritual side of native people in an honoring, realistic way. Her work is truly beautiful. We are proud to be part of it. "
      Sandy Brown, wife and mother of Cherokee portrait subjects Diamond and Brooke Brown

"When our Olympic visitors left the three exhibits we had on display about native Americans, they were always talking about one thing: Teh Awakening of Turtle Island."
      Tina DeLamiter, Board of Directors, Gwinnett Fine Arts Center
      (During the 1996 display in Atlanta for the Olympics)

"Thank you for the beauty and passion you have shown us today. This exhibit has taught me many valuable lessons about native people, and opened my eyes. I want more!"
      visitor, Schatten Gallery, Emory University

"I was stunned by how many people not only read all of the lengthy text panels, but brought their children and husbands back on Saturday to read them again. People are hungry to learn more about native people. "
      docent, The Spartanburg Museum of Art