About Turtle Island Exhibit--Tracey Schmidt Native American Photography
is an award-winning touring exhibition created and designed by photographer Tracey Schmidt.  Based on interviews and photographs of native American people, The Awakening of Turtle Island: Portraits of Native Americans  has toured regionally to over twelve museums and cultural centers since its' premiere in Atlanta in 1996.  At its' premiere The Awakening of Turtle Island won the coveted Regional Designation Award in the Humanities, along with the Gwinnett Fine Arts Center, as part of the Cultural Olympiad.  
"Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking."
Nicholas Black Elk, Lakota                   
 Seeking to create an intimate glimpse into native people's lives, this exhibit explores the beauty, sacredness, and spiritual re-awakening of people struggling to revitalize and preserve their important and immense gifts. 

The impetus for the Awakening of Turtle Island is based on the observation that there is in America today a growing awareness both of our delicate relationship with the environment and of the original Native Americans who viewed themselves as an integral part of nature and as its stewards. 

 Turtle Island is the name given by Native Americans to America. Hence, the name of the exhibit infers.... The  spiritual awakening of America.

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