"Our mythologies tell us: everything is here to survive with. The stars, and whatever is out there, they are put up in the sky for the beauty of the night. But if we have forgotten to be respectful, this vibration of disrespect is going to go to those who keep the earth in balance and say, 'They are not respecting again.' We call these beings the Sotuknang.

We believe they keep mother earth rolling on her axis. The Sotuknang will then begin sending the stars back. It has happened before. We had many stars falling and it interrupted the rotation and balance of the earth. It goes back again to respecting people and having harmony with people, and the world. It's something the individual has to decide for themselves. You have to have that connection. There always was goodness...and there was always corruption, because humanity strayed away. In our history of the three previous worlds, all of which were destroyed because of corruption, it always came to a place that only a few who really had a strong connection and believed in the goodness of the spirit would go on to a new generation and a new life. If you don't have a belief that you follow, you are just out there roaming. That is where a lot of people are.

We do believe that the world will go on when, if, this fourth world is destroyed. Someone will take it on, someone who has a very pure heart. We believe that once, all of humanity came from the same source. And because we all came in as one, we're supposed to get back together as one sometime. There is always hope that this will happen. It depends on how we communicate with one another. Right now, the races of the world are still trying to find out who has the power. Until we understand that we are all the same, and that we all came from one Source...well, we are still forgetting that.

Radford Quamahongnewa, Hopi Elder

Hopi Girl